Aviation is one of the most dynamic, challenging and fascinating industries in the world.
Next-AT is an organisation devoted to aviation. Operators, private/corporate owners of aircraft, Design, Production, and Maintenance organisations rely on the competencies and professionalism of our Team. We are able to operate promptly and efficiently in the field, through our well-established network of partner companies.

We are a team of professionals that share a passion for aviation and make possible outstanding and innovative services in the areas of:

Our Mission

We have always promoted the development of safety and security culture in aviation, committing ourselves to supplying high quality and innovative services. We invest in people to develop their abilities to work as Team in order to face present and future challenges at the highest standards.

Our Vision

We work in close contact with our customers in order to better understand their needs and increase the efficiency of our services. They are our main source of inspiration for innovation.

Our Values

Our shared values define our company culture and guide us in our daily duties. These are:

  • People – the main assets of our company are people working at Next-AT, with their own skill, competencies, and passion. “Work as a team”.
  • Ethics – integrity, competence and safety are the key words of our team; working with full transparency is the best way to gain satisfaction from what we do and in return get the satisfaction of our customers.
  • Customer First – a deep understanding and a proactive approach around customer experience is our goal. We build successful long-term relationships with our customers.
  • Excellence – people at Next-AT persistently create better ways of doing the things we do. We always endeavour to exceed expectations in every project we deal with. Restlessness is far more important and powerful than simple ambition or raw intelligence to get excellence.
  • Innovation – our deep knowledge of the aviation industry and an expanding network of contacts with companies and professionals in this field allow us to be steadily in the forefront and provide new services and products.

These values are the foundations of resilience and self-motivation that characterise each person in Next-AT, as well as the base our services are built on.

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