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Next-AT offers a wide range of Specialist Training Courses which are aimed at personnel working in management, engineering and technical positions in the aviation industry.

The Specialist Training Courses cover the following areas:

  • Regulatory Courses (RC)
  • Recurrent Training (RT)
  • Aircraft Familiarisation courses (AF)
  • Technical Courses (TC)

Next-AT is also able to provide its courses at either its own facility in the Switzerland or at your own facility elsewhere in the world.

Browse our catalogue below or use the search tool to find courses that fit your interests.

When you find a course you’re interested in, click on the title to learn more and see the next intake dates. Enrol directly into the course of your choice from the course information page.

Since our catalogue lists all our courses, you might find courses not yet opened for enrolment or with no session starting soon. In such a case make your enquiry in the course information page.

Our Specialist Training Courses:

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