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We are delighted and proud to announce that Next-AT has recently been approved for “AW169 (PWC 210) Type Training course“, categories B1.3, B2, C.

Everybody in the team stepped it for this great achievement and worked really hard to make it happen.

Our AW169 (PWC 210) Type Training Course is designed to provide the attendees with theoretical and practical element in accordance with EASA Part-66 Appendix III “Type Training and Examination Standard”.
The participant will acquire knowledge necessary to perform and certify maintenance tasks providing detailed description of each ATA, component location, removal/installation, bite and troubleshooting procedures as per applicable maintenance manual.
The practical element will enable participants to gain competence in hands-on maintenance i.a.w. the approved practical syllabus, using a structured learning process.

Candidates who successfully pass relevant examinations will be awarded EASA Certificates of Recognition.

Stay tuned, training dates are coming soon!

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