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  • English
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Part-M Subpart G-I for Operators and CAMOs


This course is designed to give attendees a thorough understanding of Part M CAMO organisation requirements and responsibilities. The course looks in detail at required procedures (CAME), responsibilities and ARCs management.


The following topics will be addressed:

  • Overview of applicable regulations, including the role of EASA and the regulatory framework.
  • Airworthiness and Continued Airworthiness concepts.
  • EASA Part M overview, its Subparts and Guidance Material.
  • Detailed review of Subparts B, C, G and I.
  • Overview of Part M implementation.
  • Interface between Part M and Part 145, EASA OPS and Part 21.
  • Modification and Repair approval, EASA acceptance and global considerations.
  • Airworthiness records and their integrity.
  • Parts acceptance, standards and EASA definitions.


The objectives of the course are:

  1. To provide a thorough understanding of Part-M in specific the area of the CAMO, CAMO Plus.
  2. To provide a full understanding of the regulations relating to ARCs and Recommendations.

Who should attend

The course is suited to Accountable Managers, Post Holders Maintenance Management Staff, ARS and Quality Staff.


Familiarity with terminologies and concepts of continuing airworthiness.


2 days – Each training day starts at 09.00 and finishes at 17.00, with appropriate refreshment breaks.

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