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Examination – Module 3 B1-B2 “Electrical Fundamentals”


The Examination option includes study notes for self-study and the participation at the examination session. Study notes are recommended and available to the candidates.

This Examination is carried out using Multi-Choice Question format and the pass mark is 75%.

Candidates who successfully pass module examinations are awarded an EASA Certificate of Recognition (EASA Form 148) of approved Examination.

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The Part-66 syllabus for categories B1 and B2 are covered.

Who should attend

Technicians seeking to obtain an EASA PART 66 Aircraft Maintenance Licence, to add a new category to their licence, or to remove limitations.

Exam details

  • Category B1: 52 multi-choice. Time allowed 65 minutes.
  • Category B2: 52 multi-choice. Time allowed 65 minutes.


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