The use of new technologies with the aim of increasing aircraft performances, capabilities, safety and maintainability led the aviation industry to the concept of glass cockpit and integrated avionic suite. This step introduced consequently more complexity in the aircraft systems which required more information/knowledge for pilots and engineers to carry out safe flight operations and continuing airworthiness management.

In the light of the above, we are aware that in aviation the adoption of new training methods and teaching technologies is essential to reach the training objectives and to meet the needs of our customers in an efficient, safe and cost effective way.

Our group of engineers and trainers has designed outstanding and innovative training devices for self-paced learning such as:

conceived to enhance the effectiveness of training for pilots and engineers on a wide range of aircraft type, aircraft systems and recurrent training.

Both training devices are developed with Learning Management System (LMS) features and web based technologies. In addition to the aircraft models and training already available, we are able to tailor or develop from scratch IVC and WBT for aircraft type and training courses on customer request.

To learn more about our training devices, access the IVC or WBT pages to have a comprehensive overview of the training products we offer.

Please browse the site for further information and do not hesitate to contact us if you have any enquiries or would like to discuss your needs.

Interactive Virtual Cockpit (IVC)

The Interactive Virtual Cockpit replicates real controls, operating characteristics, functionalities, and behaviour of the aircraft systems, using simplified models, and reproducing the information of the cockpit.

Significant normal and emergency procedures are simulated, interactive system schematics are presented, as well as the main components and their locations.

Instructors and students interact with the virtual cockpit, MMI and controls using a mouse, touchpad, and any touchscreen system.

The adoption of this training device enhances the effectiveness of the traditional training methods in the same way that it would by accessing the real aircraft (in maintenance or flight condition) during the training period, every time the instructor and students need (classroom or free play).

Systems are fully emulated by a simplified model (e.g. during the starting procedure, all parameters following an average trend).

Each system includes an interactive schematic. Each element on the schematic will change its state, in order to present the current aircraft operating status that will be always consistent with the indications in the cockpit (normal and failure condition).

Why should you decide for Interactive Virtual Cockpit?

  • To optimize training processes for staff and students (time-saving, reducing direct training costs, more effective learning process).
  • Have a quick review of the aircraft training topics (system operation & architecture, components location, etc..).
  • Familiarization with the cockpit MMI (Man Machine Interface).
  • A complete and dynamic representation of the synoptic format of aircraft displays (PFDs and MFDs).
  • To analyse system responses as a result of operations in cockpit.
  • To browse through countless pages of keyboards and displays which will present consistent information with operations in the cockpit (like a simulator).
  • To perform and familiarize with several procedures (normal and emergency) in classroom or at home for self study.

In few words: “Learning by doing and experiencing”.

To learn more about IVC, please contact us for further information and to access the demo version.

Web Based Training (WBT)

Web Based Training (WBT) devices are the new frontiers of aviation training methods and teaching technologies. New developments in web-based standards allow for the best possible training experience. Thanks to WBT, information is now available anywhere at any time over the Internet or through a corporate LAN dedicated to browser-equipped students.

Our WBT has been designed to provide students with an in-depth overview of the training topics by using highly-detailed illustrations and animations, along with concise explanations guide (text or audio). In addition, an easy to use interface makes our WBT the most comprehensive aviation training device available.

In addition to the courseware already available, our WBT solutions can be customised or developed from scratch according to your specific needs.

At the end of each WBT program and after successfully completing the final test (if any), a certificate of training can be printed as proof of successful completion.

Why should you decide for WBT?

  • Anywhere accessible and always available
  • Training is delivered individually in a computer web browser
  • Accessing the learning contents interactively
  • Flexible approach to the individual’s learning process
  • Free repetition, stopping or pausing the courseware at any time
  • Accessible from any PC with Internet connection
  • No journey to a specific training location
  • Courseware can be adapted to specific requirements and needs

To learn more about WBT, please contact us for further information and to access the demo version.

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